Executive Committee

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee of the club will be composed of the officers and the standing committee chairpersons and the immediate past president. In addition, the President, at his discretion, may request other members to serve. These additional members will serve at the request of the President only. They may be removed from the committee at any time. These additional members may be heard during committee meetings and may at the President’s request, place business before the committees, but they will be nonvoting members and will have no direct voice in executive decisions.

Duties of the Executive Committee
This committee will establish club policy as required.
They will authorize all expenditures and will not create any indebtedness beyond the income of the club.
They will audit the books annually or have it done by their designee. Such auditing to be done prior to the December
Executive Committee Planning meeting, with a report to be given at that meeting.
They will retain their active membership after the election of new officers and provide continuity to the club.
They will designate a bank for the deposit of the club funds.
They will continually focus on activities to meet the objectives of the club.
They will handle the business of the club is such a manner that a minimum of time is devoted to such matters at the regular membership meetings.

Ed Nock – Workshops Co-Chair

Don Connell – Toys Program Chair

David Southern – Programs, Newsletter, and Facebook Editor

John Johnson – Membership Chair

Pat Lemley – Fundraising